What is Melanoma?

Since May is Melanoma Awareness Month, we’re devoting each of our blogs this month to educating our readers about one of the most deadly cancers: melanoma. This first blog will

Do Prescription Skin Care Products Really Work Better?

Whether or not prescription skin care products work better than over-the-counter (OTC) skin care products depends on the product. As you can know, some OTC products work better than other

Three Basic Skin Care Tips You Should Do Every Day.

Do you ever find yourself wondering why you have to go through so much rigmarole just to maintain healthy skin? Can your daily skin care routine really be as simple

Hate Your Freckles? Here’s How to Get Rid of Them.

Your mom thinks they’re cute. Your grandmother calls them “angel kisses.” But every time you look in the mirror, you want to scrub those little brown dots off your face.

Making the Most of Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine.

Most people (dermatologists and skin care professionals included) divide your daily skin care routine into two sections: morning and night. During the day, you’re busy and rushing around, with very

Top 5 Skin Care Myths

There are so many skin care myths out there that it’s difficult to choose the top five. Everything from “can chocolate cause acne?” (no), to “will popping a pimple make

“Bacne” – What It Is and What You Can Do About It

Bacne, or back acne, isn’t a word you will find in the dictionary, but for the millions of people who live with it, it’s a word they know very well.

Can Sun Damaged Skin Be Reversed?

By now, we all know the virtues of sunscreen. When used properly, sunscreen can protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, while allowing us to enjoy our outdoor

Here’s How to Make Your<br>Tattoo Regret Go Away.

You go along for years loving your tattoo, and then one day you wake up and say, “What was I thinking?” Your tattoo probably isn’t any different than it was

What You Should Know About Acne

Although acne may seem like a right of passage from youth to adulthood, no one likes it. In fact, once we get it, all we do is try to get