Most Frequently Asked Tattoo Removal Questions

If you’ve reached the point where you’re considering having laser tattoo removal, you probably have a lot of questions about the tattoo removal process. Well, we’ve probably heard all of

Here’s How to Make Your<br>Tattoo Regret Go Away.

You go along for years loving your tattoo, and then one day you wake up and say, “What was I thinking?” Your tattoo probably isn’t any different than it was

Lost That Loving Feeling (for Your Tattoo)?

February is a great month to reevaluate the things in our life that we love…and those we don’t love. You probably really loved that tattoo when you got it. It

Tattoo Regret? Here’s an Alternative.

There are many reasons why people experience tattoo regret. Change of heart, change of life, or maybe it just wasn’t very good in the first place. It happens. There was

Life changes and people change. The tattoo you felt so confident about getting 10 years ago may no longer be an accurate reflection of who you are today. If this