Why Us?


It's all about you.

We’ve all been patients at one time or another, and we know what it’s like to be treated as just another number. We don’t do that. We are approachable and take time to get to know you. So not only do you get excellent dermatological services, but great patient care as well.


Using the latest and greatest.

Dermatological technology has come a long way in the last few years, and laser treatment has really come of age. We at Dermatology Associates use the NewSurg KTP, one of the most advanced laser technology devices in the world!

Medical Excellence

From diagnosis to treatment.

All the technology and patient care in the world won’t matter if they’re not also combined with great medical care. At Dermatology Associates, medical excellence is one of our main focuses. But it’s not just our quality of care that our patients find exceptional – it is also our ability to deliver it time after time.

why dermatology associates

Helping you make the most of the skin you're in.

Your Best Option
Comprehensive Approach

Your skin is important to us – which is why we approach your diagnosis and treatment by first examining your entire health and well-being. Then we use advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services to provide thorough care and treatment.


There is a reason that our patients look to us time after time. It’s called commitment. A commitment to treating them with excellence. And a commitment to treating them like human beings. A commitment to to their health. And a commitment giving them the best dermatological services available.


Whether we’re treating you for skin cancer or simply removing your tattoo, we approach each patient as an individual with distinct needs and goals. We understand what you’re going through and take time to answer any questions you might have.

  • Dedicated Staff
    Devoted to your skin's health.

    We work as a team devoted to finding the most effective treatment and care for you.

  • Individualized Care
    Where you always come first.

    We provide quality medical care based on the needs of each individual patient.

  • Trust
    Working hard to earn and keep it.

    Our patients know they can trust us to take care of any issue with excellence and privacy.

  • Experience
    Knowledge and expertise.

    As a board-certified dermatologist and doctor in internal medicine, Dr. Collins has over 20 years’ experience.

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